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Consultancy:  We assist education, government and businesses in achieving their defined ICT goals in cost effective ways using open source technology wherever possible. We provide strategic consultancy to our customers to help them define their roadmaps for the use and deployment of mobile technology.

Software Development: We build applications that include student information systems, management information systems, HR systems and payment systems for the education sector.

Campus Network Support: We help institutions with the design, security, support and deployment of services of their campus networks. Network services include messaging and collaboration. We cover network perimeter security and network access control integrated with antivirus and anti-malware solutions.

Research and Education Networking: One of our key objectives is to facilitate the growth and development of national and regional research and education networks in Nigeria and West Africa. We are currently working with higher education institutions and technology partners to facilitate this development which includes the building of physical network layers e.g. laying of fibre for connections between institutions and to the local internet exchange points. In parallel with the NREN development we are involved in capacity building projects to ensure that the REN can be supported and sustained in the long term by utilising open source technology for routers and switches. We are also facilitating training in associated network technologies and protocols such as IPv6.  

Call Centre Deployment: For large institutions with thousands of users to support customer relationship management (CRM) and technical support is becoming critical. Leveraging voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology and open source PBX software we build and deploy Help Desk systems that integrate VOIP and CRM systems to deploy campus based Call Centres.

Moodle Development, Administration & Support: Capacity building in Nigeria has always been central to our work because of the need to increase the ICT skills level in the Africa. We have been strong advocates of e-learning for many years particularly of freely available and highly functional open source learning management systems like Moodle. Open educational resources (OER) compliment such LMS platforms. To encourage the use of e-learning and development of online course content we promote Moodle by helping institutions get acquainted with the software platform and the pedagogical issues associated with using the software, install, support and administration where necessary.