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About Us

About Us

Digital Transformation for Research and Education

We are a leading digital services provider in Nigeria and West Africa. At Datasphir, we employ open technologies and open software for services and solutions delivery. Our passionate team is committed to driving sustainable digital transformation for learning and research and facilitating the development of research and education networks.

WHat we do
We leverage on open source software and open paradigms to unlock value for solution delivery.

To be the driving force for digital transformation in research and education innovation using open technology.

To leverage open technologies and paradigms as a way to transform research and learning in higher institutions by developing software applications and services that align with the emergence and growth of new digital technologies while also providing professional services to clients who require our experience and expertise to consolidate their businesses and organizations.

  • ◘ Leadership
  • ◘ Innovation
  • ◘ Collaboration
  • ◘ A Can-do Attitude
  • ◘ Openness
  • ◘ Community Patnership
  • ◘ Digital Resilience

Why Choose us

We are a leading TECH company in Sub-Saharan Africa that helps higher institutions use Open technology for sustainable research and education development.

We build digitalized research and learning experiences and create a more engaging and effective education process. This allows teachers, students, and researchers to collaborate and improve their skills, with a common goal to speed up innovation.


We think “value” and focus on user experience


This is the confidence that users have in our solutions and digital paradigm of transparency, accessibility and privacy.

Open Source

We are driving innovation through collaboration using open source licensing and technologies.


We scale digital transformation and unlock values with speed.


Would you like to join our Team?

Are you creative, skillful and willing to add up to your creative experience, get started and tell us more about yourself.