We leverage on open source software and open paradigms to unlock value for solution delivery.

Vision: To be the driving force for digital transformation in research and education innovation using open technology.

Integration of software applications is changing the way people learn and conduct research. We offer dynamic software and application built on open secured platforms to unlock value for your institutions. Contact us for your organization’s software needs and be sure to get the best solution.

We provide cloud-based cost-saving, efficient and centralized Identity-as-a-Service to ensure users are who they claim to be and to give them the right kinds of access to software applications, connections, scientific research, or other educational resources at the right time to speed up innovation. Access to digital resources has to be authenticated based on users’ credentials and identity to manage who has access to what – and to what degree.

Benefits offered by IDaaS include Multi-factor-authentication (MFA), Single Sign On (SSO), improved cybersecurity, and time-saving.

Development of VLE Administration and Support

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly demonstrated why online education should be a vital part of teaching and learning. The need for eLearning has grown extremely, and it is now becoming the first point of call for many students and tertiary institutions seeking learning solutions. As a result, users of educational solutions need to find new ways to offer value to their students.

To meet this need, Datasphir helps institutions develop virtual learning platforms (VLE) to facilitate personalized learning, student engagement, and happy learning with your organization in mind.

Benefits include; Student performance tracking, Data analytics, Collaborative learning, Future-focused curriculum, Parent-teacher synergy, Time-saving

We facilitate the growth and development of RENs in Nigeria and other countries in  Africa with support for a high-performance computer network backbone to provide dedicated channels for research and education.

REN enables connected institutions to benefit from services such as National Identity federations, education Wifi roaming (eduroam), open library services, security, data storage and collaboration with increased capacity to deliver world-class teaching and learning.

Digital competence consists not only of digital skills but also social and emotional aspects for using and understanding digital devices and digitalized systems.

To help institutions, students, and researchers through the process of digital transformation, Datasphir facilitates regular specialized digital training, workshops, and stakeholder sensitization seminars and symposiums. By this, we culturize digitalization and open science for research and education in Africa.

There’s no better time than now for your organization’s digital resilience. Whether you want to develop a specialized digital solution like Student Information Systems, MIS, HR and payment systems or you want to revolutionize your entire organization, Datasphir is the right stop for you. Our expert offering is not limited to; Campus Network, Design, Operation and Support, Network Operations Support, Identity and Security Solutions, Procurement, e-Library and e-Learning Systems.

Why Choose us

We are a leading TECH company in Sub-Saharan Africa that helps higher institutions use Open technology for sustainable research and education development.

We build digitalized research and learning experiences and create a more engaging and effective education process. This allows teachers, students, and researchers to collaborate and improve their skills, with a common goal to speed up innovation.


We think “value” and focus on user experience


This is the confidence that users have in our solutions and digital paradigm of transparency, accessibility and privacy.

Open Source

We are driving innovation through collaboration using open source licensing and technologies.


We scale digital transformation and unlock values with speed.

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Driving technology for research & learning

Datasphir Solutions Limited is an ICT services and solutions provider that advocates the use of open source software and open paradigms for services and solutions delivery. 

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